January Wine Club

2024 is here! Last year we tried wines from South Africa, Georgia (the country), and Bulgaria. This month we are featuring wines from the outskirts of Los Angeles, Lodi, France and Switzerland! 

This was my first time trying wines from Switzerland and I knew immediately that I needed to include some in the club. 

Chandra Kurt, based in Zürich, is one of Switzerland’s foremost wine writers, authoring more than twenty books , including Wine Tales; Chasselas – From Féchy to Dézaley; and the yearly guide Weinseller. For the wine guide Chandra taste hundreds of wine each year that are sold in Switzerland, focusing on finding the best new discoveries.

Putting her experience to practice and following her passion for Switzerland’s indigenous varieties, she has launched her own line of wines from vineyards in Geneva, Vaud, and the Valais. Rather than a purely commercial exercise, her wines are an extension of her desire to understand the interaction of terroir and variety and to make wines that are not only a pleasure to drink but reveal something unique and special about the wine styles of her home

Her collection of wines includes a fresh and vibrantly youthful Chasselas from Geneva aptly named Glou Glou Chasselas – one of the most refreshing styles of Chasselas are the first wines of spring bottled with just a touch of trapped CO2 and made in a manner that capture this variety’s racy minerality, citrus, and floral notes.