December Wine Club

Happy December! Hard to believe the end of the year is already here!
For those of you who are attending - or hosting - a holiday party this year, we've created the ultimate guide to pairing this months wines with apps, mains and desserts.
Pecorino & Malvasia blend from Abruzzo, Italy. Not shockingly, Pecorino wine goes very well with Pecorino cheese. The salty, nutty-tart cheese and bright acidity and strong fruit of the wine make them a great pair. This wine would also pair beautifully with fish or shellfish. 
Guardavalle from Calabria, Italy - This juicy white will pair well with seafood pasta or mushroom risotto. 
Areni from Armenia - This wine reminds me of a bold pinot noir, especially with its extended aging being a reserve wine. This will pair with your hard cheese in charcuterie, and your heavier dishes such a lamb or poultry.
Cab Franc blend from France - This wine has a little bit of that soil/forest floor/dirt aromas to it that I have come to love with minimal intervention wine. It makes it a perfect choice for barbecue or anything grilled! 
Barbera from Italy - For your steak entree, this medium to full bodied wine has aromas of dark berries and chocolate and will pair nicely with a New York steak, short ribs or grilled burgers. 
Brut Rose from France - To finish with dessert we have a sparkling cab franc from France. Made in the champagnes method, these bubbles are full of juicy red fruit and are perfect on their own or with a chocolate or fruit forward dessert.