• Meredith

    "GOODONYA HYDRATE is the cleanest sports drink we have found! We lvoe that it comes in a powder: it is easy to travel with, it hasn't been sitting in a plastic bottle for months on end, there are no plastic bottles to recycle or go to the dump, we can add our own filtered water. It taste declisious. It hydrates. Our boys love it! They take a bottle to school + a bottle to golf every day. For tournaments in the summer, they take 3 bottles of Hydrate. And no one realizes it is low in sugar. The taste is so good. Organic too! We love GOODONYA HYDRATE!"


  • Ashley L.

    "Being a busy working mom, leading an active lifestyle, HYDRATE has been amazing for me. 1) I drink more water, which in turn has so many positive benefits, most noticed for me are more energy, clearer skin and getting sick less. 2) My kids LOVE it. 3) Knowing the ingredients are as pure as it gets, puts my mind at ease that I can drink as much as I want knowing it is so good for me including only 1g sugar per glass. I use it daily. Taste amazing. Definitely a game changer!"

    Ashley L.

  • J. Broyles

    “This is the best electrolyte power out there. Super clean ingredients and tastes great! As a holistic health coach, quality and function are very important to me. I've tried other brands and either the ingredients are questionable or they don't taste good. GOODONYA HYDRATE is the BEST!
    They pay attention to the details. They care about sourcing the cleanest ingredients and making sure everything is organic and of the highest quality. And it tastes amazing!”

    J. Broyles